Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Week Skippy!

Skippy turned 10 this week, he is now 70 in dog years. We gave him carrots and pears instead of cake. We hope to have him with us for several more years!!! His last vet visit he was in good health, just had a nasty skin infection that has cleared up with changing his diet and that is how this blog started. ;-)

No More Rice :-P

The Merrick worked well and I think it is a good food, but for Skippy no more rice. So we are on Pinnacle now and liking it we will keep this one in our rotation. California Naturals is so far my favorite and will be the next food we rotate him back to and use the most. It has the simplest ingredients. So as far as food goes that is the latest in our family dog news, oh and Grandma Lucy's has potatoes so that will not work either.