Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Turning, Turning Till We Come Round Right.

Organix Organix Adult Less Active Dry Dog Food, 14.5-Pound   
We have had quite a journey on the feeding of a Fox Terrier. One of the things I have learned is to keep up on ingredients and on companies.  I was feeding Skippy a food that was sweet potato and Duck and they switched the formula without telling anybody.  They switched from sweet potatoes to regular potato's. Skippy is very allergic to potato's and started to swell up.  So that is how we found out they switched ingredients.  Then I checked the ingredient label and sure enough they switched from sweet potato formula to just potato.

We have tried different kibbles and there are a lot of good kibbles out there, we are just limited in what we can use because Skippy can not have potato's.  We had tried home feeding and Skippy really liked it but we could not get the PH balance right and I also want to make sure he is getting all the nutrition he needs. I put him on California Naturals but he started to get real itchy and his ears were very dry.  If money were no object I would use The Honest Kitchen which is a dehydrated food that you reconstitute with water.  I am very fortunate to have found Castor and Pollux which I find to be an affordable equivalent in the form of a kibble.  The Organix brand uses organic Chicken as its first ingredient and also uses organic fruits and vegetables.  We are using the weight management for the lower protein and phosphorus.  I found out this formula is also good for senior dogs and that is why I am using it.  I was so glad because the adult formula sounds good as well but I felt was to high in protein and phosphorus for Skippy's needs.  Now for the average adult healthy dog I would recommend it.  It receives a five stars on the Dog food Reviews web site.  The weight management receives only a four star for having lower protein but since it is made specifically for special needs and is exactly what Skippy needs I give it five. There are also some really good foods that receive only four stars for various reasons. The Honest Kitchen receives a four star, again though it would work well for special needs.  The thing is learning to read labels and finding what works for your dog. 

Here's to good eating!
Skippy's Mom