Sunday, November 22, 2009

Chemistry, Biology,Geology, or What?

O.K. talking about phosphorus is a little on the boring side. Yet it is good to know as Skippy gets older to watch for food that may have too much. So anyway we are trying Merrick Cowboy Cookout right now. He really likes it. I was a little slow to try it because they do not have the phosphorus level available, but I have heard good things about it and on their web site they say that it is balanced to give them the right PH level which is what I am watching the phosphorus for. I thought it should be good and so am giving it a try and he likes it.

He has been a little itchy now though so I am wondering if maybe the rice in it could be causing that or if it is just the dry winter weather. Will be able to see when we switch him back over to California Naturals. I am also thinking of trying Honest Kitchen and Grandma Lucy's these are dehydrated foods and not kibble.

We had chicken legs for dinner the other day cooked with rosemary and Skippy about went crazy while they were cooking, and so that is what he had to eat for lunch (his Scooby snack as the kids call it.) Honest Kitchen Thrive is Chicken and Rosemary so I am thinking he would really like it, I stayed away from it because others said their dogs did not like the rosemary, well I can see now that will not be Skippys problem! :)

Note: I took the meat off the Chicken leg! :-D

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