Friday, September 11, 2009

More Kibble in the Life of a Fox Terrier

Started the California Natural last night. I mixed the new in with the food he has been eating, and he picked all the new kibble out and ate it first. He actually did not want to eat at first and so I had him sniff one of the new kibble. Animals are funny it is as if he new he was starting something new so why you still giving me this old stuff. This morning I gave him 1 teaspoon of canned pumpkin on top of the food. He really likes it he ate that first. Then again he did not want to eat in with the new already and so again I had to let him sniff a new kibble and then he started eating and soooo it will be nice when the transition to the new is done. This weekend my kids and I are going to make him some pumpkin cookies shaped like little Fox Terriers if they turn out successfully I will post the recipe.

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