Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tomatos' Tomatoes Potatos' Potatoes

Some of the best kibbles on the market have potatoes or tomatoes or both. This is something I do not understand since tomatoes and potatoes are a member of the night shade variety and not really recommended to feed to your pet in high quantities. Even one of the best raw dehydrated foods on the market has bell peppers in it which is also part of the night shade family. So if your pet is having issues with hip, or joint pain or like my little dog swelling in the muzzle starting with his gums, stay away from the night shade variety vegetables these include potatoes, tomatoes, bell peppers,and egg plant. (Sweet potatoes(yams)are NOT a part of the night shade variety and are the best alternative to potatoes).

If your pet is doing well on his food and it has some of these vegetables I would continue using the food, your pet probably has a tolerance for the night shade variety's. Just want to shed some awareness out there for people that may not understand why there dogs may be having certain symptoms. I had no idea potatoes caused the swelling in Skippy until it happened a few times poor little thing. I have never really noticed Skippy having any problems with the other variety's except for potatoes I think they may be the worst, but I have learned if they have an issue with one of them better be safe than sorry. Here's to good health.

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