Friday, September 11, 2009

Kibble in the Life of a Fox Terrier

My wire fox terrier Skippy is so funny. I have been having to research different dog foods and nutrition for him, because to begin with he was having skin problems I mean to the point of having a yeast infection on his skin and bumps gross huh? So the search began I tried a no grain high protein diet I almost had to rename him sir poops a lot so with that said we changed him over to Halo purely for pets then he was wee wee weeing all the way home so now I am switching him over to California Naturals hopefully this one will stick for a while. I think the Halo was just to much protein for him at 28%. I read some where Wire Fox terriers are suppose to have a kibble that is only 22%(Poor thing when I was feeding him the no grain at 42%). So anyway what got me writing about him and his kibble was the way he picks through his food and any kibble he does not want he picks it out of his bowl if you try and put it back in his bowl he will pick it all back out again LOL. This is just one of his quirky things.

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