Saturday, September 19, 2009

Skippy's Reading List

1. Readers Digest Animals Can Be Almost Human.
2. James Herriot All Creature Great and Small.
3. James Herriot Dog Stories
4. James Herriot Treasury For Children, Warm and Joyful Animal Tales.

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  1. Hey there! We saw you on our Followers' List and hopped on over! We've got some things in common. We're foxy dogs! We love a lot of the same books. And we, too, eat CA Natural (though we don't talk about it much on our blog... too many different opinions.... it works well for us! 'Specially since we had such lousy nutrition when we were mill dogs.) Oh, yeah! And we all blog! We're sure there's more, but that's plenty to establish a new friendship? Right?

    Do you want more followers of the wirey sort? We'd be happy to mention your blog and draw some attention to you... we'll wait for your your go-ahead.

    Nice to meetcha! Skippy, right? We're
    Jake and Fergi xxoo